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Social Skills Group

Social Skills are important skills that all children need in order to interact and communicate with others.  While they develop easily in some children, many great kids have difficulties making and keeping friendships because of inappropriate social skills.  Our Social Skills Group offers these kids a safe and comfortable place to meet and play with other kids their age while also developing the necessary social skills to get along in life.

Developed and taught by speech language pathologists, a typical Social Skills Group session might include any of the following:

  •      Social Storytime as an introduction to the lesson(s) of the day

  •      Ball play and Sensory Games

  •      Dividing into smaller groups to practice topics of the day

  •      Role Playing activities and accompanying narratives

  •      Arts and Crafts

  •      Friendship Building exercises

Through these games and activities, your child will learn to:

  •       Be a good sport

  •       Greet each other and invite friends to play

  •       Get along and share

  •       Take turns

  •       Manage and express emotions

  •       Deal with each others’ feelings

The goal of Social Skills Group is to draw out the fun, bright, and caring nature of your child and grow it to where it’s a more natural part of who he or she is.  Learning these basic social skills in our safe, child-focused setting will improve your child’s communication and interaction skills and encourage them to explore the world around them.

Please contact us for more information on the next Social Skills Group forming.

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